Discovery of CI throws error "CI Reclassification not allowed". Example error:

CI Reclassification not allowed from class: [cmdb_ci_msd] to [cmdb_ci_storage_node_element]

Release or Environment

All currently supported releases.


You can upgrade, downgrade, or switch the class of a CI by modifying its Class attribute. During the CI identification process, a CI might need to be reclassified to a different sys_class_name type. By default, CIs are reclassified automatically. If automatic reclassification is disabled, then the CI is not reclassified and the system generates a reclassification task for your review.


The following properties control if a class upgrade, downgrade, or switch are allowed:

  • glide.class.upgrade.enabled
  • glide.class.downgrade.enabled
  • glide.class.switch.enabled

The above properties can be used to allow successful processing of the payload. Alternatively:

  1. Navigate to the reclassification task "Configuration > Identification/Reconciliation > Reclassification".
  2. Review the payload for the reclassification.
  3. Adjust the probe/pattern so that a reclassification is not necessary.

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