Upon submitting a catalog request, the "Request Created" notification is sent twice.

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All releases


The notification triggers based on the conditions "Requested for is not empty AND Requested for changes" on insert and update of an REQ record. In the request item's workflow, there is a custom script that sets the REQ's requested for value from a variable. This update causes the notification's conditions to match again and the email is sent a second time.


Se the requested for value in a before insert business rule which should run on the Request [sc_request] table. To do this, query the RITMs where the request field is the same as the current record, check to see if the variable has a value (or is present), and if it does, set the requested for with the value from the variable. Please note that 'before' business rules do not require to use current.update() as this can cause issues in the platform.

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Last Updated:2020-01-24 05:19:47