The documentation states that two new related lists on change_request are introduced when activating Customer Service with Service Management [com.sn_cs_sm] plugin:
- 'Cases Caused by Change'
- 'Cases Fixed by Change'

However, these related lists are actually both called 'Cases', which is not user-friendly and confusing.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Activate Service Management [com.sn_cs_sm] plugin
2. Open a change_request record
3. Configure > Related List and add:
- 'Case->Caused by Change'
- 'Case->Change Request'
4. Notice how both related lists display as 'Case' and 'Case(1)' respectively (see screen shots)


Please follow below steps to rename these related tabs.


Open the tab of the related list.
Right click on "the hamburger menu" on any of the related list columns

  • Configure 
  • List Control
  • Edit the 'Label'

Related Problem: PRB1380069

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