Related List columns in Orlando Workspace do not match the classic UI list view.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Open an incident record in classic ui
2) Update the form view to "Workspace"
3) Right click in record header > Configure > related list
4) Confirm you're updating the form with View name = Workspace
5) Add Affected Locations as a related list
6) Observe both classic UI and workspace display the same columns in the related list ("Location")
7) Open Affected Locations related list; right click in header > configure > list layout
8) Add another column to the related list (e.g., Created By) and Save
9) Confirm classic UI shows both columns
10) Access Workspace

The new column does not appear, the related list columns in workspace should be the same as the columns in classic ui.


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Related Problem: PRB1381710

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Fixed In

Orlando Patch 1 Hot Fix 2
Orlando Patch 3

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