Upgrading to MariaDB 10.2.21snc8 increases the maximum number of indexes allowed on a table from 64 to 128.  However, the UI still imposes the 64 index limit. So any index created after the 64th on a table, will still fail.  Users may still see this error:

"Max index count per table reached"

Release or Environment

MariaDB 10.2.21snc8


The 64 index limit is hardcoded in the platform which prevents the creation of more than 64 indexes on a table.


For any instance that is running with a version of MariaDB which supports more that 64 indexes per table you can create a new system property value to address this issue. This will override the default value within the platform and prevent any further recurrence of this issue for that instance

sys_properties record to be created:

  • Name: glide.db.mysql.max_indexes_per_table
  • Description: Maximum allowed indexes per table in the database
  • Type: Integer
  • Value: 128

Additional Information

PRB1378827 Platform fails to create index on upgrade despite availability on target table

KB0781655 Resolving MySql Index limits (Too many keys specified; max 64 keys allowed)

Article Information

Last Updated:2020-03-05 05:13:27