The Create User action in the Microsoft AD Spoke contains the following fields.

Depending on your organisational requirements, it may be necessary to add more fields. 

Release or Environment

London onwards


The platform uses Powershell and the New-ADUser to pass the parameters from the Create User to Active Directory. This may be found in the ActionCreateNewUserAD.ps1.


This script may be customised to read more fields from the Flow and pass them to AD.

The list of parameters New-ADUser accepts is available at Microsoft Docs:


The list of Active Directory attributes may also be found in Microsoft Docs.


Additional Information

  • Copy or customise the "Create User" in the Flow Designer
  • Add inputs for the additional fields and define them as payloads
  • Pass these inputs to ActionCreateNewUserAD.ps1 in the Create User step.
  • Modify ActionCreateNewUserAD.ps1 to so that these inputs are received as variables and are included in the New-ADUser commands in the Script section.

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