1. Discovery on an SNMP device updates a CI Name based on a Property glide.discovery.hostname.snmp_trusted
  2. SNMP is trusted hostname source: If set to true, trust the device name discovered via SNMP. If checked, any device name found via SNMP is used instead of the name found by a reverse DNS lookup.
  3. But sometimes even if the above property is set to false, Discovery updates a CI with SNMP sysName.
    • Issue identification :
  • Verify property 'glide.discovery.hostname.snmp_trusted' under "sys_properties" and should be false by default.


  • Execute a Discovery on an SNMP device and observe SNMP sysName.

  • CI updated with SNMP SysName.


Release or Environment

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  1. Shazzam input confirms that dns is unresolved.

  2. Discovery is unable to fetch DNS Name of the device.
  3. Thus it will fall back to SNMP sysName even though the property 'glide.discovery.hostname.snmp_trusted' is set to false.


  1. Enable DNS port for the device in question.
  2. Execute a Discovery on the same device and confirm dns is resolved from Shazzam input.

  3. CI updated with DNS Name.

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