Users navigating to any Project via Planning Console, you may view financial data under the Financials tab. Typically, when loading correctly, you will see a set of widgets at the top of the frame displaying information like Planned Cost, Budget, etc. In this case, a User follows these steps but the widget section does not load and an error displays with "Unable to load widgets. Try Again"


Check that your User does not contain the snc_external role. 

The Widget use uses a very generic REST API for Widgets. In order to access or use that REST API (via some call such as clicking on the Financials tab in Planning Console), the Scripted REST External Default ACL must pass. (sys_security_acl_cf9d01d3e73003009d6247e603f6a990). It checks that the user accessing has the snc_internal and that the User does NOT have the snc_external role.

This then allows the Widgets API (Internal API) to run (which goes and fetches the particular Widget information)!


If you run into this issue and inspect the User and see that they have the snc_external role, remove it. A user accessing internal widgets in something like Planning Console should not be an external user as well. 

  1. Navigate to affected User's profile
  2. In Roles related list, click EDIT
  3. Remove the snc_external role

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Last Updated:2020-01-24 00:35:02