Go to any upgrade instance to NewYork and notice the property (glide.knowman.contextual_search.show_read_only_article) is not present in the sys_properties table.

Release or Environment

All instance upgraded to New York


This property will be present only on net new NewYork instances. For the instances upgraded to New York, the property has to be created manually.


Note: The usage of the property is to - Displays a read-only article view page when knowledge articles are viewed from contextual search.

In order to create the property please follow the below steps:
Step 0: Download the property to the Knowledge article. (See bottom of the KB article).
Step 1: Login to instance where you want to add the property. (Should be an admin in order to make changes)
Step 2: On the navigation filter type - sys_properties.list
Step 3: Right click next to the value field (attached a screenshot to the KB article)
step 4: Select import XML
Step 5: Select the downloaded file as stated in Step 0
Step 6: click on Upload

now search with the name in sys_properties table and property is now added into the instance.

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