• It has been noted that there is an unusual licensing count on the Subscription Allocation Report overview for Cloud Management - Node. It displays "Allocated" over and above the "Purchased".

  • This article explains how the Allocated rights show more than the Purchased rights and from where the data is being pulled.

Release or Environment

  • Instance with CMP plugin enabled.


  • The data populated in Subscription Allocation Report is being pulled based on the below scripts:

1. The following script "CMP_Provisioned_VM_Count" which gets the VM from table "ldc_hosted_vm_instance" and calculates the count of VM. This VM count is then multiplied by 0.5 and updated in table "usageanalytics_count". (here the VM's which are in "On", "Off" & "Suspended" states will be used for calculation and not in the "deprovisioned" state)


2. The following script "CMPDailyProvisionedVMAverageCount" which takes average data (i.e. data from CMP_Provisioned_VM_Count in usageanalytics_count table) for last 365 days and updates the Used i.e. Allocated count for "Cloud Management - Node" in the Subscription Management dashboard.

  • Below 2 scripts which are attached can be executed using the Background Scripts to get Total count license and VM used for License.

1. TotalCountLicense.txt - This script will help you to get the count populated in CMP_Provisioned_VM_Count.

2. VMusedForLicense.txt - This script will return the "VM names" and their "sysID" which are being used for license count.

Article Information

Last Updated:2020-01-29 21:49:37
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