The value of a field (New Server Name) in the generated catalog tasks is getting wiped out if multiple tasks are opened in browser at a time and marked the task as closed complete.


             1)Open the catalog item. 

             2)Fill all the mandatory fields and select the quantity more than 1(for ex.4).

             3)After submitting the catalog item open the RITM and as per quantity selected number of tasks will generate.

             4)Open 4 tasks at the same time in browser (in different tabs), and try to make 2 of them as closed complete and remaining 2 as closed skipped/closed incomplete.

             5)While marking task as closed complete it will ask to provide 'New Server Name' value. Provide server name and close one of the task but don't close that tab.

             6)Follow the same step mentioned in step 5 to close the second task and don't close any of the tabs in which the generated tasks have been opened.

             7)Now, check the first closed task refresh the form and check the 'New Server Name' value, it will be wiped out(which is not expected as per the requirement).

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Observed that if we open all the TASK records at the same time then the issue is occurring.
If open one record close it and open the other record then it is working as expected.
Ordered the item
Opened all the 3 TASKS created at the same time.
Closed this task1 record by selecting New Server Name as test1.
Before closing the task 2 record I just refreshed the form and then closed it by selecting New Server Name as test2.
Now, the values are not wiped out.

Concluded that it is an expected behavior, please go through the explanation below:

    • When all the tasks are opened at a time, initially the values are empty in all the records. ( New Server Name=null)
    •  Let the variable in TASK1 be 'X' and TASK2 be 'Y'.
    •  Initially, the X and Y fields are empty.
    • The first task record is closed, the value in X=test1.
    • Still the X and Y field values are empty in the second task record TASK2. So if you update the Y=test2 and save the form it will save X=null and Y=test2.

      Before closing the TASK2 refresh it. (The latest X value will be updated along with Y).

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