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Apply user criteria to items and categories

"When a change is made to the end-user profile, such as location, and it affects their ability to view items, those changes do not take effect until the end-user has relaunched the session."

However, when the user updates the location, even the user log out and log in again, the user profile does not reflect in User criteria. It just reflects when you do in the instance.

Steps to Reproduce

-Please create a reference field in sys_user as below:
Column Label: country
Column Label: u_pl_country
Reference: Country
-Import the attached property (
-Import the attached User Criteria (test)
-Once you created the user criteria, add the "Departmental Services" category to the "Available For Categories" related list.
-Create a user without role and for the first, do not set any country.
-Log in with the no role user and go-to portal, you will see that Departmental Services is not visible.
-Now go to the same user and set the country as "Canada".
-Logout and login. Then go to the portal again

Expected Behaviour: User should be able to see the category "Departmental Services" even she/he logged out and logged in.
Actual Behaviour: User is not seeing the category until you do the in the instance.


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