When running discovery, the cmbd_ci records of switches are created but their [firmware version] fields are empty.


Working as designed, by default Firmware version and Firmware manufacturer fields are not populated by Discovery as this is dependent on the vendor of the device, see this documentation topic for related field information populated by Discovery: Router and switch discovery.


You can customize probes/sensors or pattern to populate any field as documented in Create or modify a probe.

The following is a suggested implementation by customizing the SNMP - Classify sensor script for Cisco switches:

  1. Navigate to Sensor > SNMP - Classify
  2. Don't modify the original Sensor.
    • Rename the record to SNMP - MyClassify or similar
    • Use Insert and Stay before proceeding.
  3. Edit the Script field:
    • In the definition of runClassifier between these lines:
      • this.ci_data['model_id'] = ...
    • and
      • this._handleHostname(props...
    • insert the following:
      var fwvnMatch = props['sysdescr'].match(/Cisco.*Version\s([^,]+),/);
      if (fwvnMatch != null) {
         this.ci_data['firmware_version'] = fwvnMatch[1];
         this.ci_data['short_description'] = props['sysdescr'];

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