• We have a field with a label as "Cluster Type" which is set as "Read Only" on table "cmdb_ci_cluster".

a. The reason being this field is set as "Read only" attribute since it is not something that should be modified after the discovery.

b. This attribute can be for Linux cluster "Linux Red Hat Cluster", for ORACLE cluster "Oracle Clusterware" and for VERITAS cluster "VERITAS Cluster".

  • Below are the steps on how to set the "cluster_type" attribute as writable for UNIX Cluster.
    1. Login to the instance
    2. Navigate >> Configuration by Category >> UNIX Cluster and click New
    3. Input any name in the "Name" and Save the record
    4. Right click on "Cluster Type" and choose "Configure Dictionary"
    5. Further to edit the dictionary value click "Click here" hyper link to edit on the master table "Cluster" (cmdb_ci_cluster)
    6. Uncheck the "Read only" check box and save the record. 

NOTE: In general it is not advised to modify or make the field "cluster_type" attribute as not Read only.

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