Description properties are not honored in Agent Workspace (Agent Assist).

Steps to Reproduce

1- In a Madrid OOTB instance make sure that the Knowledge Management Core plugin is istalled [com.glideapp.knowledge]
2 - Type 'Properties' in the navigator
3 - Knowledge > Administration > Select Properties
4 - Change the property (or any property)
5 - Navigate to the self-service knowledge portal
6 - Find any article, confirm that the properties changed are honored (screenshots attached)
7 - Navigate to Agent Workspace
8 - Select Lists, Select All under Cases
9 - Click 'New' to open a new case
10 - On the right in the 'Agent Intelligence' module select the Agent Assist tab
11 - Search for the same article which you checked previously in step 6
12 -Notice that the property is not honored


N/A Working as expected.

Related Problem: PRB1379186

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