This article explains how the Oauth token is associated with 'Oauth requestor profile'


The Oauth token can be retrieved from multiple locations within the ServiceNow instance. The same Oauth profile record can be associated with a Rest Message record(sys_rest_message) or Credentials record (oauth_2_0_credentials)

In order to determine the profile requesting this token:

  1. Navigate to the Oauth Credentials (oauth_credential) table
  2. Add the column ''Oauth requestor profile" to your list view
  3. Clicking on the column will take you to the oauth_requestor_profile record. You can see the following information:
    • OAuth Entity Profile - OAuth profile record name
    • Requestor Context - For example ( Rest Message - sys_rest_message )
    • Requestor ID - Sys ID of the requestor ( for example sys id of sys_rest_message record)

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Last Updated:2020-01-13 01:29:48