When an Asset is retired or not in use, softwares that are installed on these assets may not to be considered for compliance check by reconciliation engine. This KB would explain how to exclude these by reconciliation engine.


Models that are custom created or auto created would have no Software install condition defined. When an asset is retired or not in use or with a specific state, all the assets that have the softwares installed with these models would be considered for compliance check and then would be marked non compliant when the licensed rights are sufficient.


From the software models, add a software install condition with more specific asset state, so that these models would be only considered for the assets that are not falling under this condition.

In order to exclude, follow below process.

  • Open the necessary software model record
  • Add conditions in "Software install condition"
  • An example condition may look like
  • Installed on.Asset.State is not one of Retired, In stock, etc

When reconciliation engine runs, software that are installed only on the specific assets that fall under this condition would be picked and reconciled with existing software entitlement.


Here is the doc about adding a software model. Please review "Software installation condition" for more information.

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Last Updated:2020-02-08 12:17:02