After New York upgrade Incident quick message is not clearing the existing template

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open any incident
    2. Click on More Options > Email
    3. On header there is field Quick Messages with a drop down showing Quick Message Templates configured for Incident table.
    4. Select any of the available Quick Message Template, it updates the email body with the contents of quick message template and selection from the quick message field is cleared.
    5. Again select different quick message template from the drop down


This behavior is working as expected and documented on the following:

Using quick messages
In the email client, you can select a quick message to fill the email body with the content that is specified in the quick message. After you define one or more quick messages, the Quick Message selector appears in the email client so that you can construct an email with multiple quick messages.

When you select a quick message in the email client, the quick message content is applied at the place of the cursor. It doesn't replace content that you created before selecting the quick message.

To replace message content with a quick message, highlight the text to replace and then select a quick message.


Additional Information

The problem ticket PRB1376555 was created reporting the behavior, but closed and the state set to Working as Expected

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Last Updated:2020-05-28 01:56:03