ServiceNow has created an automated workflow to support the instance restore process. Customers request an instance restore via a Service Catalog item to create a Change, which is completed using end-to-end automation.

Learn more about this Service Catalog and its benefits on Now Community.

You can request the Instance Restore by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Now Support (HI)
  2. Browse to the Service Catalog
  3. Under Instance Management, select Instance Restore
  4. Choose the source instance
  5. Choose the Desired Date (Select the day you would like to restore the instance from)
    After choosing a date, the last 5 records of available backups from that date are shown:
  6. Choose the target instance for restore
    1. The default selection will be the current instance
    2. Or specify another instance as target
  7. Choose the restore date
  8. Click Submit


Additional Information

  • Production instances can’t be used as Target using this Service Catalog. If you need a Production to Production restore, you need to open a case with ServiceNow Technical Support.
  • If no backups are displayed in the list, you should reach out to ServiceNow Technical Support.
  • Only users with the customer_admin or partner_admin roles on Now Support (HI) can place the Instance Restore request.
  • Only demo instances will show up as the Target if the Source is a demo.
  • Confirmations are presented to the submitter to ensure you are aware of the risk as well of any conflict with another change. Automation populates the comments and work notes with updates throughout the life-cycle of the change request.

  • A warning appears if there is another restore conflict associated with the selected instance

  • If you are not able to submit the restore request you can create a case with ServiceNow Technical Support by selecting the appropriate option:

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Last Updated:2020-03-27 02:43:23