While creating a new HR case from the Create New Case module, you might see duplicate values of Topic Categories in the HR Services dropdown while there actually are no duplicate Topics on the backend.

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This is an expected behaviour when too many HR Services exist.

The case_creation UI page uses a third party jquery component select2 to render the HR Service field. The select2 input will paginate the HR Services for performance reasons. When the select2 input paginates the services, it does not join them under the same optgroup (e.g. Topic Category). This is a known issue with select2, but there is no impact on the functionality besides the aesthetic difference.

The number of HR Services listed in the drop down list (without pagination) is by default limited to 50 as increasing this number might result on a lower page loading performance. This value is currently hardcoded in Read-only UI Page case_creation:


The workaround would be to update line 607 of the Client Script section on UI Page case_creation from

var localPageSize = 50;

to a value greater than the total number of sn_hr_core_service records, i.e.:

var localPageSize = 200;

However, since the UI Page has its protection policy set to read-only, you would not be able to customize it yourself directly on the instance. You might be able to export XML the UI page, edit it in a Text Editor and import XML it into your instance.

You might also want to submit a new Enhancement Request on our Idea Portal to have a a configurable option for setting the value of the page size, to work around the third party limitation and provide a better experience for your users.

More details on how to submit a new Idea can be found here:
KB0755878 - Idea Management for customer enhancement requests

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