• Walk up portal does not have an appointment feature. Can we add the appointment feature in the Walk-Up Portal?
    A. If you want an appointment booking interface for the tablets in the physical walk-up location, similar to the check-in and survey tablets.
    We do not have an appointment booking interface for those pages, we have created an enhancement request for this feature.

  • Can the Walk-Up Check-In be configured for a tablet touchscreen utilization just like the Walk-Up Portal?
    A. The walk-up online check-in cannot be used in a tablet the same way the portal. It uses the currently logged in user instead of allowing a requestor to pick the user.

  • Does the appointment feature work with Outlook O365?
    A. The appointment feature does not have iCal or outlook integration, but that is something that is already on our development backlog.

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Last Updated:2019-12-27 20:22:58