• walk-up interactions are not being routed to technicians in agent workspace once they're available.
  • interactions are not being routed to agents
  • work items not being assigned to agents
  • AWA not assigning work items

Release or Environment

Madrid and later


work item routing condition not set on the [wu_location_queue] records


  • make sure all [wu_location_queue] records have there own work item routing condition, usually location equal the [cmn_location] record found in the location field
  • also when testing, mark your interactions as closed. AWA releases the capacity when the interactions are closed or abandoned.

Additional Information

If you're still experiencing issues, review this lab in the developer's site for setting up Walk-up Experience along with Advance Work Assignment (AWA).

Quickly implement an awesome walk-up service channel for improved employee experience

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Last Updated:2019-12-24 15:39:42