If business rules are used to auto label the vtb_card records based on the conditions, the labels no longer show after upgrade in Visual task board but the actual vtb_card record updates correctly with the label value(true/false) [The labels are named as label_1, label_2 etc]


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In NewYork we have changed the label functionality on Visual Task Boards and instead of the maximum limit of 7 that was supported in Madrid, unlimited number of labels for visual task board cards labels can be added.


So label_1, label_2 etc can no longer be used to script the requirement of updating labels using business rules


To be able to automatically assign the labels, vtb_board_label and label_entry tables have to be used now which holds the relationship between the card and the label. Below is the link to the community post that contains more detailed information and suggestions regarding configuring this and also links to other related visual task board articles



Please note that creating the business rules would be customization and the above community link can be used as reference to create them

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Documentation link for configuring visual task board labels


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