Customer has a data certification filter called NWM Group Member Review which is on the sys_user_grmember table. They have a 'Last recertification' date on groups and the filter says if the group is active, user is active and group last recertification date is last 12 months.
The schedule runs daily as per it's definitions. The tasks created seem correct, however, for the ones that are not completed on the day, it seems to recreate them every day because of the schedule.
The days to complete is 14 days.

QUERY: Is there a way to ignore the ones that haven't been certified until the after the due date and close incomplete the ones that weren't certified on time?


Development have explained that it is the OOB behavior of the Certification Scheduling. It doesn't check if a task already exists/is open for a new instance before creating a task unfortunately.


As for a workaround, Development do not have currently an available workaround, They have stated any possible solution will be complicated and it won't be very quick.

Since the current behavior is by design, this sounds like a candidate for enhancement request. 

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Last Updated:2019-12-19 17:47:06