Event Management Dashboard - setting maintenance flag to "true" on alert that is part of alert group, doesn't remove the alert from alerts panel

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install the Event Management plugin
  2. Create 2 alerts with the same status (for example, both "critical").
  3. Create alert group to include both alerts.
  4. Go to dashboard, the red status of the group and 2 alerts in alert panel.
  5. Open one of the alerts, set Maintenance status to "true".
  6. Go back to the dashboard and see that alert is still presented with Maintenance flag "false".


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A workaround is possible:

  1. Create "dummy" business group with dummy condition (the result of the filter can be empty)
  2. Create scheduled job that changes the status of the "dummy group" to operational state (if its operational set non operational and vice versa), it can run every few minutes.

The scheduled job will make sure that the dashboard is refreshed with the latest status.

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