In the TinyMCE, while using IE11, when typing and reaching to the end of the line, the last part of the line is breaking and moving to the next line, instead of just the word which is exceeding the line length. This is happening only after pasting some text in the same line.
If a no text was pasted in that line, then the symptom is different: when reaching the end of the line, the text will continue to be typed outside the TinyMCE frame, without going down to the next line.

Steps to Reproduce

Symptom 1:
In a TinyMCE, no matter on which form, do the following:
1. Paste some text in the line
2. Continue writing until you reach the end of the line
3. Continue writing and see that the text is breaking to the next line in the wrong place

Symptom 2:
In a TinyMCE, no matter on which form, do the following:
1. Start writing in the line until you reach the end of it
2. Continue writing, you will see that you are typing outside the TinyMCE frame, so what you are typing is no longer visible. Only couple of words later you will find yourself in the next line

See screen recording for both of the symptoms.


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