When placing a clone request, the clone will remain on a "Requested" state and when it is supposed to start, it will end with the error message "No clone request found in datacenter server" under the Clone Log tab within the clone request.


No clone request found in datacenter server

Release or Environment

New York


With the New York Upgrade, we have introduced a lot of changes in the way we schedule a clone. As an example, the out-of-the-box Business Rule "Schedule clone" is supposed to be modified to "Schedule Instance Clone". 

If these out-of-the-box Business Rules have been modified or skipped by an upgrade, even though the instance still has a healthy connection with datacenter it will be unable to create a clone request and a change request to proceed with the clone. 

When the clone is due to start, it will find no records for the requested clone on the datacenter and therefore, will fail. 

To verify if any of these records have been changed, we can check entries on the sys_update_xml table. You can do this by using the following query:



Go to an instance that contains the out-of-the-box Business Rules, export them and import in the affected instance.

To look for the needed Business Rules you can use the following query:


Once done you can place a new clone request.

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