Scheduled jobs 'Perspectium MultiOutput Processing' are slow to process lasting several minutes or hours even though they are scheduled to run every thirty seconds.

Release or Environment

All releases.


Perspectium MultiOutput Processing jobs are scheduled to run repetitively every thirty seconds. The jobs execute the Script Include named 'Perspectium' which makes an HTTP POST JSON request to a Perspectium integration URL in the form of This POST request then waits for the reply back with data before processing it and repeating the process according to the schedule.

Depending on the size of the HTTP POST response, the scheduled 'MultiOutput Processing' job will remain in memory for several minutes or hours in one or several worker threads in the instance nodes.

jobs                                   duration  node              thread
-------------------------------------- --------- ----------------- --------
Perspectium MultiOutput Processing 1 0:12:48 instancename003 worker.0
Perspectium MultiOutput Processing 2 0:18:05 instancename004 worker.2

The delay can be found in the node localhost log in the parameter 'response_time' as detailed in the sample line below:

2019-12-16 12:34:56 (000) worker.0 worker.0 txid=2b9cddfedbe1 OUTBOUND_HTTP: protocol=HTTP/1.1 response_status=200 response_time=97203 request_length=5004172 response_length=0 app_scope=global session_id=glide.scheduler.worker.0 transaction_name="Perspectium MultiOutput Processing" user_name=system mid_server= source_table=sysauto_script source_record=12345678901234567890123456789012 method=POST log_level=Basic scheme=https path=/multiinput url=



Since the delay is due to the volume of data transferred from the Perspectium endpoint to the ServiceNow instance and not a lack of resources, it is advised to evaluate the and moderate the amount of data being requested and received.

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Perspectium ServiceNow Online Documentation

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