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Incidents can be assigned out automatically(Assignment Group/Assigned to) by Client-side script, Ajax Call or Server-side script.


Client-side script:

Client-side script contains Client Script and UI Policy.

Client Script can be defined in a filed onChange Scripts.

UI Policy is defined in Execute if true/Execute if false scripts.

The auto-assignment will not work, if browser javascript is disabled.


Ajax call:

Data Lookup Definition and Assignment Data Lookup.

Data Lookup Rules

Assignment lookup rules example

If any of above is triggered, we can see a HTTP request is sent to the server in browser Network.

Assignment Group/Assigned to is updated on the form.


Server-side script:

Assignment Rule.

Create an assignment rule

This happens on the server-side, the Assignment Group/Assigned to is updated when submitting the incident.

"Using assignment rule ASSIGNMENT_RULE" is in the session log if session debug is enabled.


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