SSAS pattern run fails to process further steps when it does not get the version information from the Windows Registry Editor (regedit) entry for the SSAS Instance.

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Windows Registry Editor (regedit) for the SSAS application should ideally contain the instance information. If it does not, then the version information is not fetched. If the version information is not fetched, the Step 7 on the SSAS pattern fails to meet the condition.

This value is derived from the executablePath variable for the SSAS process.

Expected Result:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\SSAS_INSTANCE\MSSQLServer\CurrentVersion\*


The Step 7 on the SSAS pattern is looking for the version information to proceed further, if not, it fails at that step.

There are 2 possibilities here,

1. You can go ahead and add another condition on the meet field for Step 7 to also include the [$version] [is EMPTY] so that the Step 8 and 9 proceeds for a successful pattern execution. (Refer Screenshot below of the SSAS pattern debug mode)

2. You can check with your SSAS team to incorporate the [$Instance] value into the RegEdit in order to fetch the "version" information of the SSAS server.

* The Ideal scenario would be the second option here.

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