The OOTB table for the Multi-Row variable set (came out in London) is lacking referential integrity.

When records are deleted from the REQ table, records are left in the Multi-Row variable set - sc_multi_row_question_answer table. 


There are multiple situations that lead to the creation of records in the sc_multi_row_question_answer table.

  • The parent of a record in the said table could be a cart item, but it could also be a requested item.
  • In new releases, we have features where we allow table variable data to be moved across records.

For these reasons, we have not provided a cascade delete of records in the sc_multi_row_question_answer table on the deletion of related records, which is present for other applications on ServiceNow.

As far as feature breakage is concerned, this lack of a cascade delete should not cause any breaks OOB.


One can implement a cascade delete by writing the business rule to trigger when RITM is deleted, cascade deletes the related "Multi-Row Question Answers" records.

Additional Information

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. On any OOB London and above version instance, Submit the following catalog item request by adding multi-row variable set records.
    • https://<instance-name>
  2. Open "Multi-Row Question Answers" you will there the related multi-row variable record values for the related RITM.
    • https://<instance-name>
  3. Delete the RITM

You will notice that the "Multi-Row Question Answers" records are still present.

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Last Updated:2019-12-16 06:14:29