The ServiceNow HI Upgrade Wizard is a new tool which will simplify the process of self-scheduling your patches and upgrades.

For a step-by-step guide on using upgrade wizard please click here.

ServiceNow HI Upgrade Wizard | FAQs


What is ServiceNow HI Upgrade Wizard?

ServiceNow HI Upgrade Wizard is a new step-by-step guide within Now Support (HI) that will simplify the self-schedule upgrade and patching process for customers.

When will the HI Upgrade Wizard become available?

ServiceNow HI Upgrade Wizard will become available for all customers in Q1 2020.

How can I access HI Upgrade Wizard?

Customers can access HI Upgrade Wizard in two ways:

  1. Within the Manage Instances page, customers can click on the “Actions” dropdown next to any of their instances and select “Upgrade Wizard.”
  2. Alternatively, if they are nearing End of Life or there is a new family available, a banner will appear in the Manage Instances page that will direct the them directly to the HI Upgrade Wizard.


For a step-by-step guide on using HI Upgrade Wizard, please click here.

Can I still manually schedule upgrades individually in Now Support (HI)?

Yes. On the “Manage Instances” page, click “Actions” for the instance you want to upgrade, choose “Manual Upgrades” and follow the existing process to upgrade the instance as you have in the past.

What if I need to reschedule or change the target version of my CHG?

Within Now Support (HI), you can access and manage existing CHGs through the “Manage Instances” page or within the HI Upgrade Wizard.


What if I receive a Warn code when trying to select a version?

  • Warn codes are set to prevent customers from unknowingly moving to target versions that could potentially cause issues.


  • If you receive a Warn code, a notification will appear on the screen warning you of the associated risks with updating to that version. In order to proceed with the update, you will be prompted to acknowledge that you understand the risks and would like to proceed with the upgrade.


How can I communicate with the Technical Support teams on specific CHG records?

You can communicate any questions regarding version availability and rescheduling through your CHG records.


More questions?

For other questions, please visit the Upgrade Advantage Community This is a community where customers and partners can ask general questions about HI Upgrade Wizard. 

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