In Live Chat, the "Are you still there?"popup window is not displayed to users when inactivity timeout is reached in the system property  The default value is 120 seg.   

When testing the Connect Support queue from outside Service Portal, the pop up window is displayed correctly.  

***Notice the agent needs to accept the chat in order to trigger the idle time.   


Release or Environment

Connect Support on Service Portal  (Live Chat). 


Ensure no custom widget is being used to call Live Chat in Service Portal.  Out of the box (OOTB), the Live Chat link is displayed in the header menu when a chat queue is provided in the Portal that is being used.

So, in order to test that the OOTB functionality is working correctly, create a new Portal and associate any of the OOTB menus and themes to the new Portal. Select the Chat queue and test. 


***Notice the agent needs to accept the chat in order to trigger the timeout.   






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