This document helps you to Set up Microsoft SharePoint online Spoke Oauth Setup

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Please follow below instructions to configure OAuth for SharePoint communication :

Client ID : <ClientID>@<TenantID> ( collect from SharePoint both these values)

Client Secret : <collect from Sharepoint>

OAuth API Script: OAuthUtilSPOnline (this will come automatically after installing the Microsoft SharePoint online Spoke plugin)

Default Grant Type: Client Credentials

Authorization URL: https://accounts.accesscontrol.windows.net/<tenantid>/tokens/OAuth/2

Token URL :

Redirect URL: https://<instnacename>.service-now.com/oauth_redirect.do 

after Oauth Setup, make sure you are done with the Tenants setup

Go to filternaigator-> Tenants-> fill the form

Name                    : any name
Alias                     : point SharePoint spoke

Sharepoint Root URL  : give SharePoint URL

Tenant ID                  :     <tenant id>

Resource ID               :  00000003-0000-0ff1-ce00-000000000000

Refer more details for the documentation: Microsoft Sharepoint Online Spoke

Refer KB if you face Unsupported OAuth grant type 'Client Credentials' in the Madrid patch: Unsupported OAuth grant type 'Client Credentials'

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