Service catalog cannot be added because there is no response when clicking the “+” icon in the "Catalogs" screen.

Release or Environment

This happens for any released version of ServiceNow


The main reason after analyzed the debug log info is the screen is looking for a default catalog sys_id=742ce428d7211100f2d224837e61036d.

It turns out to be OOTB "Technical Catalog", If the customer deleted this OOTB catalog they will have this issue and it will not be resolved to create another new catalog with the same name, as the platform is looking for the sys_id.

Log Details:

SQL16:45:05.702: Time: 0:00:00.000 for: scskswdev_1[glide.29] SELECT ... FROM (sc_catalog sc_catalog0 INNER JOIN sys_metadata sys_metadata0 ON sc_catalog0.`sys_id` = sys_metadata0.`sys_id` ) WHERE sc_catalog0.`sys_id` = '742ce428d7211100f2d224837e61036d' /*...*/
log16:45:05.704: [DefaultTranslationProvider] No db entry for: table=sc_catalog, id=742ce428d7211100f2d224837e61036d, language=en, source=sc_catalog
log16:45:05.707: null:701:86: <g2:generate_grid> java.lang.NullPointerException: java.lang.NullPointerException: com.glide.catalog.cache.impl.DefaultTranslationProvider.getFieldTranslationsFromSysTranslated( com.glide.catalog.cache.impl.DefaultTranslationProvider.access$300(


  1. Navigate to Catalog Definitions-> Maintain Catalogs.
  2. Download the following file from attached in this Article. sc_catalog.xml
  3. Import the xml file from "Maintain Catalogs" list view.
  4. Verify if the (+) icon working at Service Catalog -> Catalogs

Additional Information

It would be better to set OOTB "Technical Catalog" to inactive instead of deleting it to avoid this issue happens.

Article Information

Last Updated:2020-05-07 22:09:50