This article covers some basic troubleshooting steps to determine why chats are not being routed to agents in Agent Workspace Chat via Advanced Work Assignment. 


Common Causes:

1) Misconfigured Service Channels / Queues / Assignment Rules

2) Existing Agent Capacity

3) Agent Availability 

4) Interaction Record Access

5) The Agent has already rejected that work item




1) The easiest way to determine that the service channel and queue are configured correctly is to make sure that a work item is being generated for that interaction.

  • Navigate to awa_work_item.list and sort by created (z to a).
  • Verify that there is a work item for the interaction associated with your chat in a Queued or Pending Accept state.
  • If a work item has not been created double-check the Service Channel, Queues, and Assignment Rule. See KB0753173 or the Docs for more info.
  • Make sure that the awa_queue for the agent has the "Define Condition Here" field checked ( KB0779998 ).

2) To check the current capacity for an agent, navigate to the awa_agent_capacity table, add the 'Capacity in Use' field and then search for your agent.

  • This number is calculated based on the Utilization condition in the Service Channel.
  • If no number is shown for that user and channel in Capacity in Use, you may need to determine the capacity manually by checking the related table  (interaction, case, incident, etc.) for records assigned to that user that meet the utilization condition.
  • Normally the agent capacity is high because of old interaction records assigned to the user are still in a work in progress state that just need to be canceled. 

3) Verify that the agent is available for the correct service channel by navigating to the awa_agent_channel_presence table and search for the agent by name and the service channel is chat. If you don't see the record, you may need to edit the Available presence state record in the awa_presence_state table.

4) If the work item is in a Pending Accept state and assigned to someone, but not showing for the assigned agent then they may be failing some ACLs or there may be a before query Business Rule preventing them from seeing the Interaction record associated with the work item (KB0745410). One other thing that can cause the items not to show even when they are assigned is client-side errors caused by bad client scripts on the interaction table.

5) To see if the agent has already rejected or timed out for that work item go to the awa_work_item_rejection table and see if there is a record for that work item and agent. If work items are rejecting for agents too early you may need to adjust the timeout to give agent's more time to accept the items. You may also see that the reject reason is No Access which means the user ran into issue 4 due to ACLs or Business Rules.

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