NEW button on Entry points Related List on Application Services show Page not found error

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open any record of Application Service [cmdb_ci_service_discovered]
  2. In the Entry Points related list, click NEW
  3. Check the pop up for error. It will show page not found error

It will look like below screenshot:


The 'New' UI acton calls upon a UI page named sa_add_connection. However, this UI page comes from a plugin named com.snc.service-mapping. It could be possible that this plugin is not installed on the customer's instance.


The customer needs to install the above plugin (com.snc.service-mapping) to get the UI page, so the proper URL will open for them to create the Entry Points. Please note that this is a paid plugin.

Additional Information

The following plugins are activated automatically when the Service Mapping plugin (com.snc.service-mapping) is activated:

  • Discovery (com.snc.discovery)
  • Pattern Designer (com.snc.pattern.designer)
  • Cloud Management Core (com.snc.cloud.core)
  • Performance Analytics – Content Pack – Service Mapping (com.snc.service-mapping.pa.content)
  • Event Management and Service Mapping Core (com.snc.service-watch)

More details available on: Request Service Mapping

Article Information

Last Updated:2019-12-04 23:34:00