A choice list field on the form will be sorted alphabetically by default, while by right clicking on it and selecting Configure Choices, we can rearrange them in the order we want. The Sequence field on the sys_choice table will be used for it.

We can have though an issue where the choices are not staying sorted after we have change their order.


The customer had configured the choice field to take the choices from a table by setting a value in the Choices table field in the dictionary.

The choices in the sys_choice table will then be ignored, so the Sequence field can no longer be used, and the choices will be take from the choice table instead.

If the choices are taken from a table, then they can only be sorted alphabetically, since there is no sequence functionality as when using the sys_choice table.

If the customer was earlier using choices from the sys_choice table, those will still be there, so we can see them in the Choices related list in the dictionary, however, they will not be used.


The customer can delete the value from the Choice table field in the dictionary, so the choices will be taken again from the sys_choice table, with their Sequence value.

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Last Updated:2020-02-05 07:22:56