Agent Workspace Lists keep showing loading if 'rowcount' user preference System is not checked for the record where User is Empty.


System logs will show below error for the affected user:

System logs has following error:
Component GraphQl LOG - GlideGraphQL : Exception encountered processing path: /GlideRecord_Query/incident - null: com.glide.graphql.GlideGraphQLException: Exception encountered processing path: /GlideRecord_Query/incident - null: com.glide.graphql.impl.GlideGraphQLDataFetcherExceptionHandler.createGlideGraphQLException(GlideGraphQLDataFetcherExceptionHandler.java:40)

Release or Environment

Issue is seen in NY


Issue is caused by the 'rowcount' default user preference (the one with the empty user that applies to every user without an overriding persona user preference) doesn't have 'System' checked. It should have that checked.

If you check 'System' flag, it'll start working. The reason it might break for some users but not all because working users had a personal user preference.



Setting System flag on default 'rowcount' default user preference fixes the issue.

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Last Updated:2019-11-26 00:59:24