After upgrading the store app 'Rapid7 Integration for Security Operations' to version 9, the Rapid7 Vulnerable Item Integration fails with the below error:
"Encountered error running the integration. Error: Cannot run REST based integration without a Rapid7 api key"

The above error message is logged in the 'Notes' field of the Vulnerability Integration Run. 

Release or Environment

Rapid7 Integration for Security Operations store app version 9.0.5


In version 9 of the Rapid7 Integration for Security Operations store app, there are changes to Rapid7Util script include with regards to how the API key is retrieved from the Rapid7 configurations. This issue might occur if the Rapid7Util script include was customized and was not updated when the store app was upgraded to version 9.


You would need to revert the 'Rapid7Util' script include to the OOB version to fix this issue. 

  1. Open the script include 'Rapid7Util'
  2. Scroll down and open the latest OOB version.
  3. Click on 'Revert to this version'.

Additional Information

Revert a customization

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Last Updated:2019-11-24 16:13:17