The normalization status for discovered models like Microsoft, Red Hat and a couple of oracles publishers are showing the "Match Not Found", We found that 2 of the normalization jobs are not running:

  • Download Normalized Company Mappings
  • Download Normalized Company Names

Because of this, "cds_client_name" and "cds_client_mapping" table were not populated.The 'cds_client_schedule' has Run set as Weekly but 'sys_trigger' Schedule Job created has Trigger type "On Demand" due to this the Normalization status showing "Match Not Found".

Steps to Reproduce

  • Go to the table "cmdb_sam_sw_discovery_model"
  • Filter with the normalization status "Match Not Found"


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Possible workaround:

  • Start  the below jobs manually.(System definition -> Name contains  Normalized).

                   1.Download Normalized Company Mappings.
                   2.Download Normalized Company Names

  • Go to guided setup (User Administrator > Normalization Data Service > Guided Setup) and run the "Download Normalized Data" which downloads the content.
  • The download normalization content job only fetches data from the last download so it will clear  the last run column.
  • run the above jobs(Mentioned in point 1) again. 
  • Once the jobs are executed, verify the tables("cds_client_name" and "cds_client_mapping") are populated fine.

           Note : The above workaround might normalize all the records or some.

Related Problem: PRB1362381

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