When trying to submit a change request in our ServiceNow instance, an invalid start date error is showing up.


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The root cause of the issue is with the Client Script which has a invalid way of checking the format of the script.

For Example 

In this client script's code:

At line 18:

if ( {
var start_date = g_form.getValue('start_date');
var date_format = user.date_format;
if (date_format == '')
date_format = 'yyyy-MM-dd';
var time_format = user.time_format.substr(0, 4);
if (time_format == '')
==> time_format = 'HH:mm:ss';
var time_date_format = date_format + ' ' + time_format;
var start_date_value = getDateFromFormat(start_date,time_date_format);


The script is written to check the time as 'HH:mm', but the time is set as 'HH:mm:ss'. Due to this reason the error is showing up.

The validation of the date or time should be in the exact format as the way the system displays.

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