When a flow/subflow configured to "run as" System" is executed in the foreground thread from a user which does not hold the admin role, they are unable to "Run As" System.

An exception such as ""Unable to load connection with alias ID: xxxxx"" could be observed when the flow/subflow required to access a connection alias. 

Steps to Reproduce

"Unable to load connection with alias ID: xxxxx" error when i am trying to access a docusign spoke action "Get Embedded Signing URL" through a subflow.

The subflow is marked to run as "System User," the issue is seen when accessing the subflow through a non admin user.

  1. Create a flow which runs as system on the foreground thread
  2. Have the flow execute an action which contains a REST Step
  3. Configure the rest step to use a connection alias for the instance
  4. Point the rest step to some Table API endpoint back to the instance
  5. Create a UI Action which is visible by abel.tuter on a form which triggers synchronously the Flow using script
  6. Login as Abel.Tuter and execute the UI Action
  7. Log back in as the admin user to observe the execution details, which will show "Unable to load connection with alias ID: xxxxx"



Run the flow in a background Thread:

If the Flow is not triggered through script in the advanced options of the trigger "Where to run the flow" adjust it to 'background'.

If the Flow/Subflow is triggered through script, then trigger the flow/subflow using the asynchronous API's which will run the flow/subflow in a background thread

Related Problem: PRB1332221

Seen In

New York
SR - ITOM - Discovery and Service Mapping - v1.0.35

Fixed In

New York

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