There is a particular record (incident, case, change_request, user..etc) that we cannot open and it time-outs when were able to open other records with no issues.

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1) When there has been too many updates on a particular record, mainly over 1000+ updates, the activity stream takes too long to extract data from the sys_audit table, causing the transaction to time-out by the transaction quota rule. 


2) This is related to PRB1292391


3) You can identify the audit record column  for the particular record you cannot open by doing the following:


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The sys_audit table documentkey column is the sys_id of the particular record.


STEP 1: Go to 'https:/[your_instance_name]'


NOTE: Adding the 'sysparm_filter_only=true' is important to ensure it does not load the entire audit table or it will time-out, it will only load the filter)

STEP 2: Add the filter where 'documentkey is the [sys_id of the record you have trouble opening because it times_out]'


NOTE: If it still times-out, then add a date range to get less data so it does not time out.


STEP 3: Group By fieldname


STEP 4: The fieldname with the highest count, if it's near 1000 or over, then thats the field that has too many audit records because of too many updates thats causing the problem.


You can do either of the following:


1) You can open the record on a different view that does not contain the work_notes so it does not load the activity stream


2) You can remove the work_notes from being displayed on the default view


3) Delete the sys_audit records on the particular record column that has a lot of audit records in order to view it with the work notes 

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