This KB is for Flows that are triggered on CRUD operations on any supported tableĀ 

  • The flow is being triggered more than once
  • Multiple flows are running on the same source record


  • This issue can be caused by the existence of duplicate Record Triggers for the same Flow
  • or the issue can be caused by the flow's condition being met twice on the same GlideRecord update


  • Review the Record triggers [sys_flow_record_trigger] for the flow and check for any duplicate triggers. Deactivate the duplicate trigger
  • If the issue is NOT with the duplicate trigger records, then it could be due to the flow's condition being met twice
  • for example, if there is a condition: stage "is" fulfillment; and during the GlideRecord update it's being set twice, then the Flow will trigger twice
  • to resolve this in the example above, change the condition to: stage "changes to" fulfillment

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Last Updated:2020-02-26 16:45:14