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We have created a new program designed to help select customers easily stay up to date with the latest breakthroughs and new features with the latest ServiceNow family releases.


Also, check out our video on using Upgrade Assist on Now Support (HI)!


How to Opt-in

If you are eligible for this program, you will find a banner within the Manage Instances dashboard in Now Support (HI).

To access the dashboard, follow these steps.

  1. Access the Now Support (HI) with your customer credentials.
  2. Navigate to Instances > Manage Instances.  
  3. If you are eligible, you will see a banner directing you to the Opt-in page as shown here:



4.) After clicking “Enroll Today” you will be taken to this page. Simply click the checkbox next to the instance you wish to be automatically scheduled for upgrade to take advantage of the new features that launch with each new family.

*Note: If selected, Production instances will always be scheduled two weeks following Non-Production instance in order to allow you time to perform your testing.



5.) After selecting the instances you wish to be kept current, review and acknowledge the terms and conditions, and click “Save.”


6.) You will be taken back to the Manage Instances dashboard.  You will notice that the Opt-in banner has now been changed based on your actions in the previous step.  You may now use this banner to enroll additional instances (if you didn’t enroll all in the previous step, or unenroll any or all instances).



7.) If you choose to unenroll any instances, simply click “Manage instance enrollment” and uncheck any instances you wish to no longer be automatically scheduled for upgrade.  Once you are satisfied with your choices, accept the terms & conditions and, once again click “Save.”


What’s next?

ServiceNow releases two new families per year, typically in Q1 and Q3.  Any instances that you selected as part of this program will be scheduled for upgrade shortly following each version’s release.

You will be notified as part of the CHG creation process at the time your instance is scheduled for upgrade.

Scheduled upgrades can be managed like any other upgrade CHG within the Manage Instances dashboard:

What’s next?

For other questions, please visit the Upgrade Advantage Community.  This is a community where customers and partners can ask general questions about HI Upgrade Assist.  

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