After adding Resource Plans to Program Tasks, you will notice that they do not automatically generate in the Task Selector widget of the Time Card Portal. The only way to add Program Tasks to this selector is by selecting 'Generate time cards' or by adding via 'Add unassigned tasks to Time Sheet' action.

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Out of box, pm_program and pm_program_task do not exist as defaultTables which are defined in the widget:  Time Card Portal - Task Selector. In order to have Time Cards display for these tasks automatically, you will need to modify the comma separated list defined in the variable: defaultTable.


Out of box, the defaultTable variable allows the following tables to be automatically be generated as Time cards is: var defaultTables = 'incident,problem,change_request,rm_story,rm_scrum_task,pm_project,pm_project_task,tm_test_plan,rm_defect,rm_enhancement';


1. Navigate to your 'Time Card Portal - Task Selector' widget
2. In the Server script field, locate line 38, which defines the Locate line 38 in the Server Script field (defaultTable var)
3. Using comma separation, add the pm_program_task (and any other necessary tables to the variable)
4. Update

Additional Information

*If you wish to have this Widget replaced by future system upgrades...
1. Navigate to sys_update_xml.list (Customer Updates)
2. Find the update record (which will have updated by YOU and Target Name of 'Time Card Portal - Task Selector')
3. Add the 'Replace on upgrade' column
4. Check value to TRUE

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Last Updated:2019-11-18 08:42:18