We do not have a feature to keep Static average wait time for chat queues, this is meant to be dynamic and calculated real-time from chat_queue_entry records.

However, you can change the behavior if it is your business requirement, however, that will require customization. Below are some general guidelines on it.


Option 1 (Cloning Widget):

You can clone the widget called "sp-connect-support" and change the following line -

<div class="pull-right">Avg wait: {{}}</div>


<div class="pull-right">Avg wait: 10 minutes</div> (you can hardcode your average wait time for the specific queue here)

And then use that cloned widget for the specific queue where you want to have static wait time.

Option 2 (Modifying Business Rule):

The following business rule is used for generating the average wait time dynamically. If you want, you can disable this business rule and put static numbers on "Average Wait Time" field in chat_queue records. After that, the Average wait time will remain static.

Also, you can add specific conditions in the business rules as per your business requirement, if you want to make the Average Wait time static for specific queues and want to keep it dynamic for some other queues.

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Last Updated:2019-11-20 06:56:07