Usually, prior to NY release, the Attachment section, there were 2 hyperlinks. One for View and other for Rename. However, from NY, the 'View' hyperlink has been changed to 'Download'

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This is happening due to the change on the attachment_entry UI macro, which seems to have changed after NY upgrade. The link to the UI macro is as below.


The code and evaluation process of the messages has been changed from Madrid to NY. Hence customers will not see the 'view' link and was getting the download link. In earlier releases, after the evaluation happens, it was always setting the message as [view]. However in NY, they are evaluating the value of jvar_attachment_action_title and based on certain condition it is evaluating to [download] message.


Since this is happening as per current design change, customers can modify the logic to suit their business requirement

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Last Updated:2019-11-17 04:33:40