Navigating to a knowledge article that is attached to an excessive number of tasks using the kb_view page can be slow when trying to render the the "Most recent tasks" list.


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If you have a KB article that is associated with hundreds or thousands of tasks.


There is an OOB UI macro on the kb_view.do page that lists the last 10 tasks which have been associated with the current kb_knowledge record.

UI Macro: List of tasks to which a Knowledge article has been attached


The UI macro is responsible for showing the "Most recent tasks" section at the bottom of the knowledge base article.

The UI macro runs the following query:

SELECT m2m_kb_task0.`sys_id` FROM (m2m_kb_task m2m_kb_task0 LEFT JOIN task task1 ON m2m_kb_task0.`task` = task1.`sys_id` ) WHERE m2m_kb_task0.`kb_knowledge` = 'ba62f655dbea2a407c3f76fabf961912' ORDER BY task1.`sys_created_on` DESC limit 0,10;

The query that gets run to find the most recent tasks is slower for KB articles that are attached to a higher count of tasks:


Workaround #1

Set the glide.knowman.recent_tasks.display system property to false to completely disable listing the tasks to which articles have been attached.

Workaround #2

Enable versioning; this may improve the query by adding filters on the kb_knowledge.summary and kb_knowledge.sys_created_on

Workaround #3

Customize the code for the UI macro and filter out the top KB articles by task count (eg., add an additional filter before the "tasks.query();" call in the UI macro to filter out these top 10 KB articles)

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